Overheard in the woolshop this week

So much for autumn. The somersaulting seasons of the UK have just landed us back in high summer again, with the hottest temperatures all year. For us knitters, this is more than a little bit disruptive and disorienting. And even more so for pedlars of wool like Brontë and I. For this week you will have found us unwraping the new boxes of autumn yarns with the fan blowing at full tilt and ice lollies calling us from the shop across the road. But as usual the main stars have been the wonderful knitters (and some non-knitters) who came through the door…

“Can I just stand in front of your fan for a bit and not browse any yarn?”

“The pattern says light DK but I saw that new Sheepsoft on Instagram yesterday and I’m just going to make it work. I’ll go up a needle size if I have to. I’ve got to knit with it. It’s just so MMMmmhh”

“I need a small crochet hook… No, smaller than that.. No! even smaller than that. Smaller! No it’s not for beading. I’m doing my dreads”

“I found an old needle gauge but it doesn’t have a 3.5mm hole in it. What is that about??”

(Answer It’s because 3.5mm did not exist at all in the old British knitting needle numbering system)

I’m getting started making beanie hats for Christmas. I’m not being funny or anything but it’s a tight schedule. I won’t get them all done in time if I don’t start now.

“Do you sell those clippy things that extend the circumference of a bra, you know, they’re kind of stretchy?”

(Answer: Sorry, No. it’s Wild as in woolly, not as in Lingerie)

Is it me? Or is it the yarn? Or is it the pattern?

“Have you got any 17mm red buttons. My son’s secondhand school blazer is missing one and he’ll get a detention if it’s not 17mm and red and back on there by tomorrow.”

Ok, I was all set to get going on that nice warm sweater I’ve wanted to make for ages. But forget it! Where’s your cotton? I’m off to crochet some swimming trunks instead.

“I’m just going to stand out here until I’ve finished my ice lolly. Don’t let anyone else buy that ball of speckled Puno before I come in. I’m making a balaclava.”

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